VPO tour in Asia 2015

Official said this is the first time for VPO to go Kaohsiung, south of Taiwan.

Oct 2  Festival Hall (Osaka, Japan)
Oct 3  Aichi Arts Center (Aichi, Japan)
Oct 4  Suntory Hall(Tokyo, Japan)
Oct 6  Suntory Hall(Tokyo, Japan)
Oct 8  Suntory Hall(Tokyo, Japan) *Young People’s concert
Oct 8  Suntory Hall(Tokyo, Japan)
Oct10 Seoul Arts Center (Seoul, Korea)
Oct11 Seoul Arts Center (Seoul, Korea)
Oct13 Taipei National Concert Hall (Taipei, Taiwan)
Oct14 Taipei National Concert Hall (Taipei, Taiwan)
Oct15 Jhihde Hall (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
Oct17 Esplanade (Singapore)



Japan: Suntory Hall (Will release some additional tickets at 10:00AM Aug 29th. Call+81 0570 550017)
Korea: Seoul Arts Center (Sold out)
Taipei: Contact MNA arts for detail
Kaohsiung : July 22 on sale (Contact MNA arts for detail)
Singapore: Esplanade ticket box

What’s on ASIA August 2015 *Update as needed


Aug  Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival


Martha Argerich w/ Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra

  • Aug 5 Hiroshima HBG hall( Hiroshima, Japan) *Sold out
  • Aug11 Suntory Hall (Tokyo, Japan)

How can I buy concert ticket in Japan?

If you able to read Japanese, purchase from e-plus or Ticket Pia is quick and convenient way but if you feel too tough, here is the tips.

* Credit card issued not in Japan is normally not accepted at these ticket agency
*Ticket is normally divided in 3-5 category(S-D), S is most expensive.


1) Japanese Orchestra’s performance
If you willing to see Japanese orchestra,  contacting each orchestra‘s ticket office is the best way since normally they are organizing the concert and issuing tickets by themselves, so they probably have best choice for seating. They normally accepts phone and email for ticket purchase.

As you may know sometimes English acceptance here is not perfect, I suggest you to write them via email to avoid any misunderstandings. Normally they will ask you to pick up ticket at the venue 3omin prior to the concert begins. Paying by JPY cash is safest, if you prefer to pay by credit card, ask them first with showing which card brand you would like to.

2) Foreign Artists or Orchestra
If you have specific concert of inbound non-Japanese musician in your mind, best way is contacts promoter directly(First you should check who is inviting your artist in mind). They will tell you how to.

Jump to Promoter listing

3) Other Choice
You can just go to the venue and ask for tickets at the ticket box but not recommended since its priory of ticketing is not top(Organizer is top priority), you may feel hard to communicate with English to the person at ticket box. However, if you would like to choose from various option or have question, you can just walk in, they may work hard for you.

Or if you find attracting concert at hall’s website, you can write to them and ask how to buy.

What’s on ASIA July 2015 *Update as needed


July4-17  MISA 2015 (Shanghai, China)

July11  SSO Classics in the Park(Singapore)



New York Phil Harmonic w/ Alan Gilbert

  • July 4th   MISA (Shanghai, China)
  • July 5th MISA (Shanghai, China)
  • July 6th Poly Theater (Shanghai, China)
  • July 9th MISA (Shanghai, China) *Young people’s Concert
  • July 10th MISA (Shanghai, China)

Dresdner Philharmonie w/ Michael Sanderling

  • July 2nd Musashino Culture Hall (Tokyo, Japan)
  • July 3rd Aichi Arts Center (Aichi, Japan)
  • July 4th The Symphony Hall (Osaka, Japan)
    w/ Kazune Shimizu(Pf)

Russian National Orchestra w/Mikhail Pletnev

Kun-Woo Paik