947 Music Festival

“Maestro Maisky will be your driver” campaign

947 Music Festival in mid of May, announces pretty unique campaign, which named”“经典947”:麦斯基“当司机”(“Maestro Maisky will be your driver”)!”.

Detail of the prize is as below.
– Round transportation to Shanghai(believe domesitic only…)
– Accomodation for 2 nights at Shanghai
– 2days(May16&17) VIP tickets for 947 Festival
– Rights to ride same car to the concert venue with Maestro Maisky!
*Although title says “driver”, we don’t think he will.

■ How to apply
From May4th to 7th, at FM94.7’s 《与你共享》(12:00-) and 《轻松乐逍遥》(17:00-) quiz about Maestro will be on the test.You may call 021-62950947 to answer that quiz.
Eight(2 programme x 4 days) lucky people will get947’s special Bluetooth speaker and nominated to semi final at May11《与你共享》, then last two person will be step forward to final at next day’s
real final.



May 16 “Voice of Piece” Concert

May 17 “Maisky and Bamberger Symphoniker” Concert

This year’s Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival

This year Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival(OMF), formally named Saito Kinen Festival, will be held from August 8th at Matsumoto-shi(Nagano prefecture).

Ticket will be on sale from June6 1000AM, but official doesn’t announced detail yet.



Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival The 2015 Season Line-Up

Zhu Xiaomei cancelled performance at LFJ2015

Xiao-Mei@Julien-MignotToday LFJ official announced Chinese pianist Zhu Xiaomei to cancel her performance at La folle journee au Japon 2015 according to her health reason.

Israel pianist Mayan Porat will taking over her absence.