What’s on ASIA November 2015

Event in ASIA

Concert of Winner of Chopin Competition  Nov23 Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall (Tokyo Japan)
*Seong-Jin Cho(Link to FB page)(Korea)

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Czech Philharmonic / Jiří Bělohlávek

  • Nov 3 Minato Mirai Hall (Kanagawa, Japan)

Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin (See October)

Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra / Hannu Lintu

HR Symphony Orchstra / Andrés Orozco-Estrada

  • Nov 11 Festival Hall (Osaka, Japan)
    w/ Ryu Goto(vn)
  • Nov14 Harmony Hall Zama (Kanagawa, Japan)
    w/ Alice Sara Ott
  • Nov 16 NHK Hall (Tokyo, Japan)
    w/ Ryu Goto
  • Nov 17 Suntory Hall(Tokyo, Japan)
    w/ Ryu Goto
  • Nov18 Suntory Hall(Tokyo, Japan)
    w/ Alice Sara Ott
  • Nov 19 Metropolitan Art Space (Tokyo, Japan)
    w/ Alice Sara Ott
  • Nov 21 Seoul Arts Center (Seoul, Korea)

Munchener Philharmoniker / Valery Gergiev

Taiwan Philharmonic (National Symphony Orchestra)* / Lu Shao-Chia
To avoid political conflict, they change the name when they touring outside Taiwan sometimes

  • Nov 1 Hongkong Culture Centre (Hong Kong)
  • Nov 4 Open Air Concert by member of NSO (Music square near Yan An Dong Lu 523 Shanghai, China ) *date changed
  • Nov7 NCPA (Beijing, China)

Staatskapelle Dresden / Myung-Whun Chung
Solo: Hanna-Elisabeth Müller (Sop)

The Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra of Venezuela

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra /Gustavo Gimeno / Yuja Wang(pf)

German Brass


Christian Tetzlaff

  • Nov 14 Kioi Hall(Tokyo, Japan)

Maria Joao Pires & Antonio Meneses

  • Nov 7 Kioi Hall(Tokyo, Japan)

Yo-yo Ma

  • Nov 1 Tainan, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

Leon Fleisher

Itzhak Perlman


What’s on ASIA October 2015

*Update as needed

Event in ASIA

Asia Orchestra Week 2015 @ Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall (Japan)

Beijing Music Festival(Oct 8 -24)


  • Oct 10 Mahler Chamber Orchestra / Esa-PekkaSalone  @Beijing Concert Hall
  • Oct 13 Zhu-xiao Mei @ Wangfujing Church
  • Oct 15&17 WDR Symphony Orchestra /Jukka-Pekka Saraste(cond)  /Gerhard Oppitz(pf) @Forbidden City Concert Hall
  • Oct 16 WDR Symphony Orchestra / Jukka-Pekka Saraste(cond)  / Vera Tsu(Vn)/ Jian Wang(Vc)@Forbidden City Concert Hall
  • Oct 17 WDR Symphony Orchestra / Jukka-Pekka Saraste(cond)  / Frank Peter Zimmermann(Vn)@Forbidden City Concert Hall


VPO tour in Asia 2015
See article

BBC Philharmonic / Juanjo Mena

Czech Philharmonic / Jiří Bělohlávek

Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin / Tugan Sokhiev

  • Oct 24 Ulsan Arts and Culture Centre  (Korea)
    w / Kun-Woo Paik(pf)
  • Oct 25 Daegu Citizen Hall (Daegu, Korea)
    w/ Kun-Woo Paik(pf)
  • Oct 27 Bunka Kaikan (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Oct 29 Suntory Hall(Tokyo, Japan)
    w/ Mayuko Kamio (vn)
  • Oct 30 Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Japan)
    w/ Mayuko Kamio (vn)
  • Oct 31 Harmonie Cinq Kitakyushu Soleil Hall(Tokyo, Japan)
    w/ Yulianna Avdeeva(pf)
  • Nov 1 Medikit Arts Centre Miyazaki
    w/ Yulianna Avdeeva(pf)
  • Nov 3 Suntory Hall(Tokyo, Japan)
    w/ Yulianna Avdeeva(pf)

London Symphony Orchestra (See September )

Mahler Chamber Orchestra / Esa-Pekka Salonen

Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra / Myung-Whun Chung

Taiwan Philharmonic (National Symphony Orchestra)* / Lu Shao-Chia
To avoid political conflict, they change the name when they touring outside Taiwan sometimes

WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln

  • Oct 10  Xinghai Music Hall (Guangzhou, China)
  • Oct 11 Xinghai Music Hall (Guangzhou, China)
  • Oct 15-18 Forbidden City Concert Hall (Beijing, China)
  • Oct 19 Shanghai Grand Theater (Shanghai, China)


Hargen Quarette (See September)

I Musici Japan Tour

  • Oct 2 Suginami/Tokyo
  • Oct 3 Nagaoka civic center/ Nigata
  • Oct4 Saku Cosmo Hall / Nagano
  • Oct9 Westa Kawago / Saitama
  • Oct 11 Kagoshima Civic Hall / Kagoshima
  • Oct 17 The Symphony Hall / Osaka
  • Oct 18 Minato Mirai Hall / Kanagawa
  • Oct 22 Atrion Music Hall/ Akita
  • Oct 24 Suntory Hall(Tokyo, Japan)
  • Oct 25 Toyota Civic Concert Hall / Aichi

German Brass

Gidon Kremer with Kremerata Baltica
Asia Tour 2015 (Link to Official)


Hélène Grimaud

  • Oct 9&10 Victoria Concert Hall (Singapore)
  • Oct 13 Lee Shau Hall (Looks like inside Hongkong Univ Hongkong)
  • Oct 16 Xinghai Concert Hall (Guangzhou, China)
    w/ Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra
  • Oct 19 Shanghai Symphony Hall (Shanghai, China)

Mikhail Pletnev

  • Oct14 NCPA (Beijing, China)

Lovro Pogorelich

Vadim Repin

Cyprien Katsaris

  • Oct4 Hamarikyu Asahi Hall (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Oct6 Zushi Bunka Plaza Nagisa Hall (Kanagawa, Japan)

Zhu Xiao-Mei

  • Oct 9 Wuhan Theater (Wuhan, China)
    *not “Wuhan Qintai Theater”
  • Oct 11 Xi’an Concert Hall (Xi’an, China)
  • Oct13 Beijing Wangfujing Church (China) *part of Beijing Music Festival

Barbara Frittoli

Peter Serkin

Yo-yo Ma

What’s on ASIA September 2015

*Update as needed


London Symphony Orchestra w/Bernard Haitink



Hagen Quartett



 Sabine Meyer

Leonidas Kavakos (Conductor& Violin)



Shlomo Mintz


Zhu Xiao-Mei

  • Sep 28 Shangxi Grand Theater (Shangxi, China)
  • Oct 9 Wuhan Theater (Wuhan, China)
    *not “Wuhan Qintai Theater”
  • Oct 11 Xi’an Concert Hall (Xi’an, China)

Zhu Xiaomei cancelled performance at LFJ2015

Xiao-Mei@Julien-MignotToday LFJ official announced Chinese pianist Zhu Xiaomei to cancel her performance at La folle journee au Japon 2015 according to her health reason.

Israel pianist Mayan Porat will taking over her absence.


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Suntory Hall: 35.666632, 139.741428
Tokyo Opera City: 35.682945, 139.686908
Kioi Hall: 35.682028, 139.732575
Tokyo International Forum: 35.676657, 139.764300
The New National Theatre, Tokyo: 35.682443, 139.685880
Toppan Hall: 35.709326, 139.741618
Hakuju Hall: 35.667329, 139.690174
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Suntory Hall
Suntory Hall, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
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Tokyo Opera City
Tokyo Opera City, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
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Kioi Hall
日本東京都千代田区紀尾井町6−5 紀尾井ホール
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Tokyo International Forum
Tokyo International Forum, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
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The New National Theatre, Tokyo
日本東京都渋谷区本町1−1−1 新国立劇場
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Toppan Hall
日本東京都文京区水道1丁目3−3 (株)トッパンホール
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Hakuju Hall
日本東京都渋谷区富ヶ谷1丁目37−5 白寿ホール

Quick over view

Tokyo is a city so called capital of classical music in far east, every major orchestra/musicians have been to Japan for touring.

Suntory hall and TOC(Tokyo Opera City) is the most popular concert hall for orchestra or piano, Kioi Hall and Toppan Hall is famous for pretty small ensemble or solo performance.

For festival, La Folle Journée au Japon (every May) and Spring Festival in Tokyo (Every March) will be most characteristic and well known.

Besides, local orchestras has great quality yet they are not well known outside Japan.


How can I buy concert ticket in Japan?

If you able to read Japanese, purchase from e-plus or Ticket Pia is quick and convenient way but if you feel too tough, here is the tips. Analog, but its easy and safe.
* Credit card issued not in Japan is normally not accepted at these ticket agency
*Ticket is normally divided in 3-5 category(S-D), S is most expensive.

1) Purchase from Orchestra
If you willing to see Japanese orchestra,  contacting each orchesrtra’s ticket office is the best way since normally they are organizing the concert and issuing tickets by themselves, so they probably have best choice for seating. They normally accepts phone and email for ticket purchase.

As you may know sometimes English acceptance here is not perfect, I suggest you to write them via email to avoid any misunderstandings. Normally they will ask you to pick up ticket at the venue 3omin prior to the concert begins. Paying by JPY cash is safest, if you prefer to pay by credit card, ask them first with showing which card brand you would like to.

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2)Purchase from Promoter
If you have specific concert of inbound non-Japanese musician in your mind, best way is contacts promoter directly(First you should check who is inviting your artist in mind). They will tell you how to.

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3) Purchase from Venue
You can just go to the venue and ask for tickets at the ticket box but not recommended since its priory of ticketing is not top(Organizer is top priority), you may feel hard to communicate with English to the person at ticket box. However, if you would like to choose from various option or have question, you can just walk in, they may work hard for you.

Or if you find attracting concert at hall’s website, you can write to them and ask how to buy.

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■ Major Concert hall

  • Suntory Hall
  • Tokyo Opera City(TOC)
  • Kioi Hall

■ Music Festival

  • La Folle Journee au Japon
  • Spring Festival in Tokyo
  • Suntory Summer Festival


■ Major Concert hall

  • Minato Mirai Concert Hall


■ Major Concert hall

  • Kitara Sapporo


■ Major Concert hall

  • The Symphony Hall
  • Festival Hall
  • Phoenix Hall


■ Major Concert hall

  • ACROS Fukuoka(Fukuoka Symphony Hall)